Noise Makers Studios

If You Want To Be Heard, You Need To Make Some Noise

A full service Pro Tools HD recording studio and multimedia production company

Tracking, mixing, mastering, radio production, HD video production, DJ services, lighting, graphic design and more


Take a moment to meet our team


Jordan Samson

Owner/Audio Engineer

Jordan Samson is the owner and audio engineer of Noise Makers Studios. Starting with piano at a young age he has been playing music, across a variety of instruments, for nearly twenty years. After getting involved in production and audio recording in college he pursued a BA in audio engineering. He ran various musicians street teams, interned at a recording studio for a few years, freelanced for his uncles production company, and was mentored by the owner and CEO of a Memphis, TN based record label. While he works a full time job, he has been working tirelessly to make Noise Makers a reality. Working freelance gigs, both live and studio for years, he finally brought his dream team together and Noise Makers Studios was created.


Mike Laber

Graphic Designer/Videographer/DJ

Mike Laber is a Connecticut native, musician, and a production powerhouse in and of himself. With a AA in audio and video production, a BA in digital recording arts, and over a decade of experience he knows how to catch the eye. Mike has done production for MMA, WWE, NCAA and WNBA. He worked as a video technician for Mohegan Sun Casino and was the director or media for Water Church in Massachusetts. Currently a freelance tech for Power Posse Productions as well as the multimedia specialist for Fellowship Health Recourses (FHR), Mike joined Noise Makers in 2016 as a DJ, Videographer, Audio Technician, and Graphic Design Artist.


Caleb Cooper

Assistant engineer/Producer/Session drummer

Caleb Cooper is a self taught musician who, as a New England native, has been active in the local music scene for the last decade. He has written and recorded with over twenty bands. Caleb had been drumming for fifteen years and currently plays in the worship team at his church. Aside from his full time job, he works for Noise Makers as a Session Drummer, Producer, Assistant Engineer, and runs the record label. His passion for music and his fellow musicians made him instrumental in the founding of the label. He has a lot of Local Love, so welcome L&L Records.